Write Bolder for Longer
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Introducing our new range of BIC Vivid Markers - the perfect solution for all your marking needs. Experience vivid, bold and long-lasting marking like never before.
3 colours
1 Pack! 1 Pack!
4 Pack! 4 Pack!
12 Pack! 12 Pack!
Built to last

BIC Vivid markers write for ages and can be left uncapped for 1 month without drying up


BIC Vivid permanent markers are made with 51% recycled materials (not including the ink system)

Bold lines

BIC Vivid permanent markers have sturdy bullet nibs that create clean and bold 1.7 mm lines

Write on any surface

Indelible markers that write on nearly every type of surface from paper, cardboard and plastic to glass, metal and CDs

Find BIC Vivid Markers at the following retailers across New Zealand

Warehouse Stationery Office Max PAK'nSAVE
New World Office Products Depot Whitcoulls
NXP Paper Plus Countdown